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The roaster for small roasteries or shops. The 5- kg-roaster can work  

with electrical heating or gas (propan) heating. The 15-kg - and 25kg-roasters are 

only available with gas/propan heating. Both machines are working with   

the traditional drum-roasting-system.

DETAILS for 5 kg-Oz-ROASTER    

- max. capacity:       up to 5 kg (11 lbs)
- production lbs/hour :              33 -44
- chaff collection cyclone included  


- max. capacity:       up to 15 kg (33 lbs)
- production lbs/hour :     100- 130
- chaff collection cyclone included


-Programmable electronic control for the heating, with digital display.

-Professional sample puller for sampling beans without interrupting the roasting process.

-Glas for visual inspection of roasted beans inside the drum

-Thermometer fixed outside, sampling through direct contact with the coffee beans

-Second thermometer for control

we are not only producer of roasting machines, we are roasters, too. So we sell  machines we know

and we use ourselves.                   


          Technicals details for  2kg- roaster 

          capacity per batch- up tp 2 kg

-          max. capacity per hour up to 8 kg

-          chaff collection cyclone included        


for more informations do not hesitate to contact us at :ozcaffe@ozcaffe.com